Marijuana Dispensary Supplies Guide For 2018

Whether you own a dispensary or are planning to open one in 2018, you hopefully already know there is a wide variety of marijuana dispensary supplies you need to run a successful cannabis business.

Steve Jobs once said that Apple’s belief was “that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets.”

When it comes to recreational and medical marijuana, a great product is definitely one of the biggest determinants of the success of your dispensary. But without the marijuana dispensary supplies necessary to support it, your business will quickly fall apart.

To help make sure nothing falls through the cracks as you look to open or improve your business in the new year, here is our Marijuana Dispensary Supplies Guide for 2018:

Marijuana Dispensary Packaging

There are many different ways to package your cannabis products. This will depend on your customer’s preferences and the type of cannabis products you plan to stock. Concentrate packaging, such as for edibles and oils, will each require their own unique packaging. Here are a few basic packaging supplies to consider:

  • Bottles, Jars and Bags - For cannabis bud packaging, pop top containers, squeeze top containers and wide mouth jars are all popular options. Rx mylar bags or mylar smell proof bags can also be used.
  • Edible Containers - Packaging for edibles can be as simple as plastic containers or you can offer more durable and child resistant containers. This depends on what kind of edibles you are offering.
  • Shrink Bands - Shrink bands have become an industry standard to ensure freshness and offer a tamperproof seal so your customers know their medications have not been contaminated in any way.

Labels and Branding

Not only are labels a legal requirement, they are also a great opportunity to brand your cannabis products with your marijuana dispensary name. Here are a few tips on labels and branding:

  • Compliance - Make sure your labels are in compliance with state regulations for medical or recreational marijuana.
  • Tie Into POS System - Choose labels that can be printed directly by your point-of-sale system to improve your overall purchasing workflow. This will also present a much more professional label.


Another area where compliance and customer satisfaction play a big role is in the cannabis safety equipment you keep on hand. Proper handling and safety procedures are critical to running a high quality, reputable marijuana dispensary that is in compliance with state regulations. Here are a few marijuana safety supplies you should have:

  • Gloves - Disposable synthetic or nitrile gloves are a must have for every employee handling cannabis products or serving customers. You should also use chemical resistant gloves, cut resistant gloves, and heat resistant gloves for any edible manufacturing or marijuana processing you may do onsite.
  • Aprons - Aprons help keep your marijuana dispensary FFDCA certified and clean room compatible. They are a must for serving customers and handling products.
  • Hairnets and other covers - Keep any possible contaminants away from your cannabis with hairnets, sleeves, bear covers, shoe covers and eye protection.
  • Antibacterial Soap - Make sure your employees have good hand washing and sanitization practices by setting up wash stations at key locations in your dispensary.
  • Respirators - Depending on the level of manufacturing or processing you do at your dispensary that would produce marijuana vapors or other harmful chemicals, respirators are required to protect your employees.

Looking for more tips on marijuana dispensary supplies and other ways to improve and protect your marijuana dispensary in 2018? Check out our free report, “The 7 Safety Pitfalls Every Cannabis Business Needs to Know.”