How To Find The Right Marijuana Grow Consultant For Your Business

With this massive expansion of the cannabis industry, more businesses than ever are cropping up to take advantage of the growing opportunity. Unfortunately, the fact is that most small businesses fail. A marijuana grow consultant may be able to help with that.

Even among small businesses, cannabis cultivators face unique challenges that make it even more difficult to start and run a successful business. In addition to the normal operational and financial concerns with running a business, cannabis grow operations will also face hurdles with:

  • Regulation from state laws and other legal hurdles concerned with federal laws. These cannabis laws are actively changing and can get even the most experienced marijuana cultivators in trouble.
  • Due to regulations, hiring employees and bringing on investors becomes more difficult and requires licenses and adherence to specific laws.
  • Additional safety concerns are involved with operating a marijuana business.

A marijuana grow consultant is a business consultant experienced in the cannabis industry that can help start or grow your cultivation business and prevent any issues. The main roles of a good cannabis consultant should be:

  • Navigating licenses and legal issues
  • Planning your construction and operations to optimize marijuana cultivation
  • Hiring and management guidance
  • Set up safety protocols
  • Ongoing training and support as you grow

Depending on the specific areas of expertise you are looking for assistance with, your consultant may help with some or all of these aspects.

No matter what kind of marijuana grow consultant you are looking for, there are good ways to evaluate them to make sure you are choosing the right cannabis consultant for your business.

Knowledge Level

Your first step in evaluating a marijuana grow consultant should be looking into their knowledge and experience. They should have a strong track record of business experience and work in the cannabis industry. In addition to experience, they should also have training and certifications that show their aptitude as business consultants.

Depending on what areas you are looking for help in, look for a consultant with experience in that specific niche. If you are looking for help with grow room or warehouse design, choose someone with a background working with contractors for cannabis growers. If you are looking for advising on marijuana cultivation to improve your yield, you need someone with horticulture training and certifications.

How Involved Will The Consultant Be?

All of the knowledge and certifications in the world won’t matter much if your marijuana grow consultant won’t be available to you when you need them. Because the cannabis market is expanding into new states it may be difficult to find an experienced cannabis consultant in your state. This may mean looking out of state to find the right expertise. If you do this, make sure your consultant will still be able to offer you a hands-on experience to truly see your business succeed.

Determining Payment

Some marijuana grow consultants will ask for equity in your business in exchange for their services. Be wary of these types of deals because they come with a litany of additional concerns. Regulations require anyone with equity in the business to be listed and checked on all licenses and business documents. Equity may also present a conflict of interest if your consultant ends up working with a competing marijuana grow facility. Depending on your situation, equity may not be completely off the table, but be sure to consider everything involved with bringing on another partner.

Looking for more tips on finding a marijuana grow consultant? While CannaSafeSolutions is not a consulting agency, we are currently offering a free consultation call to help get cannabis businesses heading in the right direction. If you’re interested, schedule your free consultation here.